Parade Participation Guidelines

Being in the parade carries certain responsibilities.

By applying to be in the parade you agree to the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply could result in you being removed from the parade or barred from participating in the future.

  • Floats (max 14 feet high) and participants must be decorated in good taste and in keeping with the parade theme—Halloween.
  • Keep to the Halloween theme. Dress in costume, offer treats.
  • Limit politicking to the absolute minimum. Do not slow down the parade.
  • Only licensed drivers may operate any type of motorized vehicle.* Drivers must not wear masks.
  • Individually wrapped candy should be handed out, or dropped near the curb underhand*, by youth or adults walking next to or behind vehicles.
  • Walkers must remain an arm’s length away from floats, whether next to or behind them.
  • Children must be supervised at all times by responsible adults.
  • No live static demonstrations. Keep moving; keep up with the vehicle ahead of you.
  • No drones. *
  • No weapons or sharp objects of any type or breaking boards or other objects. **
  • No open flames or sparks. **
  • All parade vehicles must not use air horns or sirens. *
  • No high beams and alley lights. *
  • Return registration form before October 24th (online by 29th).**
  • Drop off Loudoun Hunger Relief food/paper product donations when signing in at Ida Lee Park.

        * State Law  ** Leesburg Police requirement

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