Our Board of Directors

A board of directors oversees the club. Their combined talents and experience are leading the club to increased growth and identifying new service projects. You may contact us anytime.

President Kim T. joined Kiwanis and our club in 2019. She also holds the role of Division 2 Lt. Governor-Elect. While in university, she belonged to the Mary Baldwin University Circle K club and also served as editor of the Circle K district newsletter. She previously served as a director for 1 year.

Treasurer Enrique G. joined Kiwanis and our club in 2011. He’s an Army veteran and retired government leader.

Secretary Tim G. joined Kiwanis and our club in 2022 after transferring from the Tyson’s Kiwanis Club. He became secretary in May, and Tim is also in year 3 of a 3-year term as Division 2 Trustee. Previously he was a past club president in Tyson’s. He is a corporate executive at CarMax.

Distinguished Immediate Past President Suzanne W. joined Kiwanis and our club in 2004. She was a distinguished club secretary for many years before serving as president from 2015-2020. She’s an Air Force veteran and retired registered nurse.

President-Designate Karen R. joined Kiwanis right before COVID-19. She has been a club board director and active member attending annual Capital District conferences as well as service projects in our club and other clubs in Division 2.

Director Artie P. joined Kiwanis in the 1970s and transferred our club when he moved here in 2019. He has been a director since 2019.

Director Annette P. joined Kiwanis and the club in 2019. She became a director in 2021.

Director Harlan S. joined our Kiwanis club in 2022. Harlan was a former member in Orlando, FL. He became a director in 2022.